Nutritional coaching

(Precision nutrition Coach)
Sarah Hutt
Nutritional coaching
What affects our immunity and ability to recover? Why is protein important? Why do we need fats/ cholesterol and lipoproteins? What is your microbiome?

While biology is complicated, nutrition doesn’t have to be.

Eat fruit and vegetables

Eat fibre

Eat protein

Eat slowly and calmly

Drink enough water

Get regular exercise

Reduce stress and get enough sleep

(If you have medical or special nutritional needs you will need to see a dietician or a nutritionist)

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Sarah is a wonderful trainer...she motivates me to do those few extra reps when I'm ready to give up and really maximises my workout. The one hour sessions fly by because shes so great at mixing it up and keeping it interesting. The challenging workouts and Sarah's extra push have yielded visible results, which I'm very pleased with. Sarah has really been a positive motivator in helping achieve my fitness goals.


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