General fitness and wellbeing

Sarah Hutt
General fitness and wellbeing What's motivating you?

Why do you want a personal trainer? Do you enjoy fitness and exercising?

Is there something specific you want to work on?

What is your goal?

Building strength, becoming fitter, losing weight or more specific goals like training for a marathon or rehab post injury.

Setting a goal means you have a target to achieve.

Setting goals not only gives you motivation, but means you can measure whether what you're doing is successful. It enables you to have a measure of your success for each session.

Where do you want to train?

Make sure you think about what time you want to train as a starting point. Early morning, after work or are the weekends your best time to train and de-stress? Once you have decided on the time, then you can work out where you want to train. It may be more convenient to train at my private studio or, outdoors or, if you're not local, you may wish to train online. You can have a shower at home and then get on with the day? You can even be on holiday and still continue your training.

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Sarah is an amazing coach: very professional. Her expertise and experience are huge. Not only she can help on the training side (whatever the challenge she is up for it) but she is also a PN (Precision Nutrition) nutrition coach and her approach is about the whole person, which makes a huge impact with very quick positive outcomes. Very adaptable, super motivational and inspirational. Working in a 121 format with her has been a revolution for me and my training. The world needs more women coaches like Sarah.

Mariette H

(competitive athlete training for events)
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