Sarah Hutt

Exercising pre-pregnancy helps to control weight during your pregnancy and build up stamina that will help during your pregnancy and during labour. It will help you with sleep, mood and fighting depression. It also helps with anxiety and stress.

Each trimester needs to be addressed and each new mum needs consideration. How fit you were before your pregnancy, energy levels, hormones, changes in your body, how hectic your life is and your medical history.

Check with your doctor or health professional that you are ok to train.

Only train if you have been exercising prior to pregnancy.

Don't start something new once you find out you're pregnant.

Use the correct lifting technique in accordance to each trimester.

Avoid weight training flat in your back.

Avoid over stretching due to the relaxin released.

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Sarah is an extremely dedicated and enthusiastic trainer, if you want to see results and are prepared to work hard you will achieve them. Its easy for me to recommend Sarah as I know she can and will deliver!


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