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Personal training for you: It is exactly that... 'Personal'. Finding your goals and building a plan together to get you there. I don't use generic platforms to put in your stat's. Each plan is tailored to you.

Sarah is a fantastic personal trainer. I asked for her help nearly two years ago when I was recovering from a back problem and had a very low level of fitness. I knew I had to get fitter but I had never really found the motivation to get on with it.

Since starting a personal training programme with Sarah I've exercised two or three times a week. I could not imagine living without it now. I am addicted! I am a stronger and fitter person than I have ever been, this despite approaching the dreaded forty! I am also a much happier person with more energy...In short, I would not be where I am without her mentoring, help and support...It's hard work but the training, the company, the encouragement and the motivation make you go back again and again!

East Grinstead

Training for an event

Sarah Hutt

Unless training is your job (you're a full time athlete), and you are training for an event, you will undoubtedly have other commitments to contend with. It maybe family, work, friends, social events, children or all of the above. For event planning you need to look at all these factors.

  • How much time do you have?
  • How much time do you want to commit to?
  • What level are you entering into?
  • Where have you got to get too and in how long?
  • What is the final date and have you got others that need to come on board with your training? (This maybe training partners / group activity or club).

There are lots of other factors to consider like;
equipment / where you train / intensity / aerobic v strength work / sport specific training / flexibility / hydration / recovery.
Do you need it to be simple to follow or do you enjoy the challenge of the detail.
Each specific event and individual needs a bespoke programme.

Together we plan a periodized, individually tailored programme.

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I love what I do and I am are constantly learning and training myself

I am constantly driven by the incredible sense of fulfilment I feel when someone achieves their goals – no matter if they’re you’re an elite athlete, recreational athlete or a sedentary office worker. I believe that everyone can positively change themselves and their bodies.

Sarah Hutt
East Grinstead
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