Personal training for you: It is exactly that...'Personal'. Finding your goals and building a plan together to get you there. I don't use generic platforms to put in your stat's. Each plan is tailored to you.


Amateur Cycling World Championships, Albi, France 2017


Zoom Meetings


Where do you want to train?

Make sure you think about what time you have to train as a starting point. Early morning after work or are the weekends your best time to train and de-stress? Once you have decided on the time, then you can work out where you want to train. It may be more convenient to train at my private studio or, outside in an open space (park or garden).

If you're not local, you may wish to train online. You can have a shower at home and then get on with the day? You can even be on holiday and still continue your training. We can use zoom or Facetime. Both platforms are interactive so we can discuss the most suitable coaching approach, positioning and effort level. With little or no equipment we can still strengthen and challenge you with a tailored plan based on your fitness goals.

Classes on zoom.

You will receive the same level of instruction that you would in a venue based class. Childcare or your dog being left at home no longer becomes an issue and you too can have a shower at home. If you're "time poor" or working from home, this is a really convenient way to fit your classes in.

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The one hour sessions fly by because she's so great at mixing it up and keeping it interesting.





Boxercise Coaching

  • Advanced instructor (YMCA)
  • Advanced Pilates (Future fit)
  • Exercise referral and low back pain specialist (Wright Foundation)
  • Level 4- Obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome (YMCA)
  • Pre & Post natal
  • Boxercise & Kickboxercise
  • Kettlebells. (Extreme Kettlebell)
  • TRX, suspension training. Triathlon training (YMCA)
  • Level 2 cycling coaching (British cycling)
  • Nutrition coaching (Precision Nutrition)
  • Weight management (Weight management centre)
  • Kinesiology taping (Rock tape)
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Sarah is a fantastic personal trainer. I asked for her help nearly two years ago when I was recovering from a back problem and had a very low level of fitness. I knew I had to get fitter but I had never really found the motivation to get on with it.

Since starting a personal training programme with Sarah I've exercised two or three times a week. I could not imagine living without it now. I am addicted! I am a stronger and fitter person than I have ever been, this despite approaching the dreaded forty! I am also a much happier person with more energy...In short, I would not be where I am without her mentoring, help and support...It's hard work but the training, the company, the encouragement and the motivation make you go back again and again!


East Grinstead

About Me

Sarah Hutt

At school I loved sport. I was super competitive and I still am but now I focus on being 'the best I can', having overcome injuries and life's challenges. Over the years I have competed in Duathlon (topping my age group). In endurance cycling (qualified and competed in the amateur cycling world championships, placing 19th in my age group, 3rd female GB rider in my age group). I have bought up 2 wonderful boy's on my own, albeit with it's own challenges. This has taught me to push through difficult times, especially when I'm not able to control some of them.

'Give me the serenity to change the things I can, accept the things I can't and to have the wisdom to know the difference.'

I've spent many years studying and continue to do so to this day. I truly believe we never stop learning and there is still so much we have to learn about the human body. It gets injured, adapts, rebuilds, gets stronger... It truly is a marvellous thing!

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